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Refrigerator service

If you wait too long to have your refrigerator checked out, you might end up with a trash can full of spoiled food. Don't throw either your money or your food away. Let Jim's Repair Service get your refrigerator humming again.


Jim is the area's only appliance technician who is not only a pet-friendly guy but also takes care of all the aspects of the business. You'll get to talk to him on the phone when you call for help, and you'll thank him when the work is done.

Keeping you cool with affordable repair services

Commercial refrigeration services, too!

If food service is your business, then you know how important a refrigerator can be. If your appliance breaks down, your profits are going to break down too. You need to call Jim for yearly, routine refrigerator and freezer checkups. If your business depends on refrigeration, it's time for you to depend on Jim.


Contact us for all appliance repairs and installations, including stoves and ovens, washers and dryers, dishwashers and garbage disposals, heat and AC units.

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